URL Course

The course in Barcelona at the URL University focused on Big Data & Security for Industry 4.0 (3 ECTS). Along with the workshops, the participants joined a competition for developing a pretotype aimed at solving a real company case.


From Monday 08/07/2019 to Friday 12/07/2019.

Main contents of the course:

o   Data

  • Infrastructure / Architecture
  • Data Visualization
  • Geoplots
  • Dashboards
  • Shaders
  • Data Analytics

o   Cyber Security

  • Sensors
  • Machinery
  • SIEM (Security Info Event Management)
  • Threat Modeling
  • Cybersecurity KPIs
  • Identity Management

o   Management Systems

  • Industrial automation networks and machines
  • Telemetry and remote control using continuous communications or burst
  • Process Control Systems and Statistical Process Control
  • Data Acquisition Systems (DAQs)
  • Historical and Data Storage Servers
  • Industrial Control Systems using PLCs and RTUs
  • OPC and systems integration

Requirements :

✔  Good knowledge of English language
✔  Ready for teamwork!

Winners of the challenge will be granted for participating to a European coaching program aimed at helping them to transform the pretotype into a real application.

Features of the course:

• Teachers from Italy, Spain, Germany from Universities and Companies
• Workshops blending theory, exercises, practical work
• Real business cases to discuss in class
• Pretotype competition: build an application for solving a real business challenge
• Workshops in English and Italian


During the course the participants will be divided in groups and will be involved in two challenges.
The challenges consist of solving real problems of the companies partner of the project.

The challenges will consist of a problem for the italian company Selettra and a problem for the german company OHS.

At the end of the challenge, two members of the winning group of one challenge will have the possibility to join a fully paid transnational mobility in Bremem!