University of Pisa Course

SPRINT4.0 is free 5-day intensive course on Production Systems Automation for Industry 4.0 (3 ECTS). Along with the workshops, the participants will join a competition for developing a pretotype aimed at solving a real company case.


Monday 23/09/2019 – 09:00-16:00
Tuesday 24/09/2019 – 09:00-16:00
Wednesday 24/09/2019 – 09:00-16:00
Thursday 24/09/2019 – 09:00-16:00
Friday 24/09/2019 – 09:00-16:00


During the week the course occurs in different rooms of faculty.
The rooms for the each day are:

Day 1: Monday 23/09/2019 – B31
Day 2: Tuesday 24/09/2019 – B33 
Day 3: Wednesday 25/09/2019 – B22
Day 4: Thursday 25/09/2019 – Aula piano terra DICI 
Day 5: Friday 25/09/2019 – Aula piano terra DICI

Main contents of the course:

● Overview Industry 4.0
○ Introduction about Industry 4.0
○ 360 degrees of digitalization
○ Use cases on Industry 4.0
○ Market and Business Model understanding
○ Why should I implement a specific technology?
● Flexible Manufacturing Solutions
○ Why automation is part of Industry 4.0?
○ The Automation Pyramid (CIM)
○ Why should I implement a specific technology?
● Automation in Production/Assembly
○ FMS (MUNC, robot, transportation system, PLC)
○ Cobot
○ IoT in Production
● Automation in Maintenance/Warehouse
○ Predictive Maintenance
○ AGVs, Drones

Requirements :

✔  Good knowledge of English language
✔  Ready for teamwork!

Winners of the challenge will be granted for participating to a European coaching program aimed at helping them to transform the pretotype into a real application.

Features of the course:

• Teachers from Italy, Spain, Germany from Universities and Companies
• Workshops blending theory, exercises, practical work
• Real business cases to discuss in class
• Pretotype competition: build an application for solving a real business challenge
• Workshops in English and Italian

For more information read carefully the Competition Notice:


During the course the participants will be divided in groups and will be involved in two challenges.
The challenges consist of solving real problems of the companies partner of the project.

The challenges will consist of a problem of Predictive Maintenance for the german company OHS and an Industrial IoT problem for the spanish company Barna Steel.

At the end of the challenge, two members of the winning group of one challenge will have the possibility to join a fully paid transnational mobility in Barcelona!


To enroll and join the course please fill the form at the following link: