Audit Methodologies

The present audit methodology helps companies to understand possible opportunities and threats coming from Industry 4.0. It supports companies during the first steps of identifying and implementing solutions based on Industry 4.0 concepts.

Audit Methodologies

IO2-IO3-IO4: Training Materials

SPRINT4.0 aims at developing a shared set of Training Materials in order to provide students a common knowledge about Industry 4.0.

The Training Materials are divided into the following parts:

Knowledge Pills

The Knowledge Pills are short videos minutes concerning the topics of the SPRINT4.0 courses. The aim of the Knowledge Pills is to provide additional information to the slides by using an audio-visual support.

The Knowledge Pills are available in the Knowledge Pills page of this website and in our YouTube channel.

IO5: Coaching Methodologies

During the SPRINT4.0 project, universities and host companies follow common methodologies and guidelines to support the students for the creation of their Business Case. 

During the mobility, Target Company staff works closely with the students, implementing a their project. The coaching methodologies adopted by Universities and co-creation experiences within the companies are presented here.

Technology Coaching Guidelines

Application Oriented Coaching Guidelines

IO6: Industry 4.0 Handbook

The SPRINT4.0 handbook is a Ready-to-use guide to support other universities in creating similar courses on different Industry 4.0 topics.

This document will help  other Universities to implement similar courses in other Industry 4.0 sectors. It will contains guidelines, tips on organizational tasks, evaluation tools, formats for the syllabus, ECTS recognition process etc. This output is made to exploit, multiply and transfer project results.

SPRINT4.0 Handbook

MTM4.0 - Methods and Time Measurement 4.0

The MTM4.0 is a technique developed in the SPRINT4.0 project.

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