The focus of the “Production Systems Automation” module is related to the importance of the digitalization of production systems for Industry 4.0 applications. UNIPI has a proven track record in the domain both in research results and in technology transfer actions.


The increased availability of hardware and software combining low prices with good computational power allowed the adoption of cutting-edge solutions based on Industry 4.0 principles and made it available to a great number of companies. In particular, thanks to the flexible application of systems based on sensors, actuators and microcontrollers, it is possible to create and test solutions that allow to automate production processes or at least parts of them. However, there is still a lack of operators and practitioners that are able to deal with the design and the testing activities and many times companies get stuck as they cannot find the right resources to step into this kind of innovations. 

Download here the calendar of the course: Production Systems Automation Agenda



Automation in Assembly: Robots and Cobots

Automation in Warehouse: AGVs and Drones

Automation in Production: Internet of Things


After the execution of training courses students have been challenged to push their skills a step forward by working on a prEtotypes for an additional month. The work has been done in group with the support of the University.

The topic of the Challenge for the course “Production Automation System” is presented by the company Barna Steel.

Challenge Barna Steel: Re-bars counting


According to the challenge specifications the students worked on developing a PrEtopype. The PrEtotype has been developed in one month in order to solve the challenge proposed by the company during the course.

Production Automation Systems: PrEtotypes

Project Report: Proof of Concept

This document is the final report of the activities conducted by the students within the company during their mobility. It is the result of the work done also by the Coaching Methodologies. 

During the mobility the  company and the students shared practice and technical aspects that gave as result a Proof of Concept.

Project Report: Proof of Concept

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