The MTM4.0 (Methods and Times Measurements 4.0) is an automated system that can be applied to any hybrid environment (manual or semi-manual activities) in order to sample manual activities. This system can be applied to detect multiple workstations or lines simultaneously, thus enabling impact analysis as as a time and motion study. This is an example of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application in a working environment.

The MTM4.0 methodology has been developed by the following SPRINT4.0 partners: University of Pisa (overall methodology, coordination of the activites, development of training materials), TOI srl (technology provider) and Selettra Srl (testbed company).

The Explanation Material downloadable at the following link shows the design, development and test of this methodology implemented by the SPRINT4.0 partners. This material will help Universities and companies at understanding and developing correctly their own SPRINT4.0 approach.

Download the MTM4.0 explanation material

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