Introduction to Industry 4.0

Common part materials
The SPRINT4.0 training courses have been implemented through an innovative approach, strongly student-centred, which put in the same class students, entrepreneurs, employees, experts from Industry 4.0 domain, in order to trigger co-creation and contamination processes among the participants. Thanks to this training structure, the links between students and employers will be strengthened, giving also the chance to students to discuss about their product/services/business ideas directly with business representatives.

The training courses haves been structured according to three different topics: Production Automation Systems, Big Data & Security and Industrial IoT. Even with these differences, each course faced common topics. These topics are strongly related to the Industry 4.0.

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Common Material Contents

Introduction to Industry 4.0

Audit 4.0 Methodologies

360 degree of digitalization

Market and Business Model Understanding



Introduction to Zerynth


SPRINT4.0 expects to evaluate the material and the courses provided to the students. The Evaluation tools displays how the evaluation has been conducted during the three courses.

This evaluation tool gives an efficient way to monitor and evaluate learning that saves time for educators while delivering interactions for learners. The distribution of the questionnaires took place daily to evaluate the lesson and a general at
the end of the course assessment. Through the docs collected during the week, a short overall
report prepared, one for each course.

Evaluation tools

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