We are glad to present you SPRINT 4.0 project!

SPRINT 4.0, “Strategic Partnership for Industry 4.0” is an European Project that works on filling the existing knowledge gap training university students on Industry 4.0 topics.

What is Industry 4.0? Industry 4.0, called the “4th Industrial Revolution”, is undoubtedly the trending topic in the world of business and innovation of the year 2017. It refers to organizational methodologies for the production of goods or services that integrates production systems with digital technologies. Defined as the “fourth industrial revolution”, it raised the attention of politics, business and civil society, becoming the central element of today’s European and worldwide business debate. The economic and cultural context makes it challenging and promising at the same time. Whether it will be a new bubble or a key new driver for economic growth will depend also on the educational processes/programs that will be developed.

The project aims at achieving new skills and competences for students, on one side directly related to Industry 4.0 domain (thus enhancing the quality of their knowledge), on the other, supporting them in acquiring key competences, such as entrepreneurship (or intrapreneurship), to foster their employability and professional development.

Project activities include the realization and implementation of an audit methodologies focused on industry 4.0 technologies, the design and realization of a training course, and the launch and execution of a Pretotype competition for the students of the training course that will have the possibility to be hosted by a partner company to execute their idea.

The audit methodology that will be created is a tool that helps companies to understand possible opportunities and threats coming from Industry 4.0. It supports companies during the first steps of identifying and implementing solutions based on Industry 4.0 concepts

The training courses, held in the three partner countries, will threat three main topic of Industry 4.0: “Production system automation”, “Data & Security” and “Industrial IoT”, and will be implemented through an innovative approach, strongly student-centred, which will put in the same class students, entrepreneurs, employees, experts from Industry 4.0 domain, in order to trigger co-creation and contamination processes among the participants.

After the training courses, a pretotype competition will be launched in which students will have the chance of strengthening their innovation skills and creativity, thus putting into practice the knowledge acquired during the trainings.

The students’ team winning the competition will have two benefits: receiving a coaching support by the host University and having the possibility of experience a 30 days transnational mobility within one of the partner company.

What are you waiting for? Write us in order to receive information about how to take part of project activities! info AT sprint40.eu